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Chris loves his family, craft beer, and playing golf with the other neighborhood dads. Chris holds a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration from CSU. After college, he had a short stint as a professional golfer on the Golden State Tour until he suffered a career ending shoulder injury while snowboarding. Reinventing himself, Chris started a graphic design/branding company. After five successful years, Chris was bored of sitting at the computer and decided to challenge himself by standing in front of the easel. Chris painted large scale landscapes, cityscapes, and eventually commissioned portraits. The life of a gallery artist was fun and exciting until the market crash of 2008. When his patrons no longer had expendable income to purchase art, Chris, again, hit the refresh button and found his true passion… craft brewing.



Mr. Sunkara is an entrepreneur carrying experience in multiple industries. He is a Director for Advansoft International and Usha Rama College of Engineering. He cofounded Best Brains Learning Centers, which has more than 150 locations worldwide. Mr. Sunkara is also a managing partner at multiple breweries, manufacturing, and technology firms.



Prem lives in Washington, DC, loves a great craft beer, and good fellowship. He is always looking towards the next hike and a new beer to try. His friends would describe him as a beer and chicken guy. Beer for breakfast, bring-it-on! During the day he works as a Senior VP & Head of Investments in Risk Management for the 5th largest bank in the country. He holds a master’s degree in Finance from George Washington University, and is a CFA charter holder.



Born and raised on the mean streets of the northwest Chicago suburbs, where he cut his teeth at an early age deep into a hardcore passion for the Blues. Kevin launched the first of a thousand steps in his journey towards the pursuit of the ultimate vinyl record collection, a well-made taco, and a well-crafted ice-cold can of beer. What a long strange trip it has been! From the snowcapped peaks of the Rocky Mountains where Kevin attended Colorado State University, to navigating the Brigantine schooner "Varua," from the isle of Kauai to the port of Sitka, Alaska; Kevin eventually found himself beer in hand, on the Texas Gulf Coast where he would graduate Aggie ’95. After hauling America’s backbone of iron ore across the Great Lakes, Kevin’s entrepreneurial spirit would lead him back home to the cool beer flowing streams of Colorado and America's purple mountain’s majesty.



Ali is from Wisconsin, went to college in Texas, and lived and worked in California before landing in Colorado. No regrets for that beautiful mountain view... and work-life balance. With more than eight years in the marketing world, she is excited to contribute and be a part of the Saint Patrick’s fam. In Ali’s free time, she enjoys playing tennis, hiking, traveling, and going on adventures – even if that adventure is checking out a new local restaurant.



Originally from St. Louis, Chris graduated from the University of Missouri (M-I-Z) with a Sports Management degree. Idolizing basketball and golf growing up, he always thought he would become pro. However, he quickly realized that drinking beer was more suited for him and he made his start with Anheuser-Busch as a merchandise specialist. In 2019, he packed up and moved to Denver, Colorado to further pursue his passion in the beer industry. After working for a local brewery as a sales rep, he found his home with Saint Patrick’s Brewing Company® in 2021. He continues to work on his golf game, to ensure he will never lose to the owner, Chris Phelps. He also enjoys snowboarding, camping, and hiking in the Rockies when he is not selling beer.



Nick, originally from Pennsylvania, enjoys all things outdoors, is a movie fanatic, and will take on all challengers in any game. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in 2018 with a degree in Communications, Nick moved back to his hometown of Johnstown and began working for Anheuser-Busch. There he realized his love for a good craft beer. Wanting to pursue his passion, he decided to make the cross country move to the hub of craft beer, Colorado, and eventually found his place with Saint Patrick's Brewing Company®.