Fruit & Spice Lagers

A lager made with fruit, herbs, spices or vegetables. The additive should be evident in the aroma. Body, color, hop character and strength vary depending on the beer base style, the type of fruit, spice, herb or vegetable used.

Apple Pie Amber
Arnie Helles Shandy
Autumn Latte Pumpkin Oktoberfest
Bayou Sunrise
Bayou Sunset
Belgian Brett Pumpkin Oktoberfest
Berry Chili Lager
Chai Peach Cream
Cherry Berry Brett Helles Shandy
Cherry Bock
Chocolate Cream Pumpkin Oktoberfest
Chocolate Peppermint Lager
Chocolate Pumpkin Lager
Citrus Cello
Cranberry Snowflake
Cranberry Snowflake Wit
Cran-Cherry Pumpkin Oktoberfest
Dry Hop Peach Kolsch-Style
El Draque Lager
Irish Coffee Pumpkin Oktoberfest
Irish Winter
Lemonade Helles Shandy
Limoncello Lager
Malibu Dragon
Mango Coconut Kolsch-Style
Mango Lemonade Helles Shandy
Mint Limeade Helles Shandy
Peach Pie Kolsch-Style
Peach Vanilla Kolsch-Style
Pineapple Fire Lager
Pumpkin Vanilla Chai
Rosemary Triple Lager
Rum Peach Pumpkin Oktoberfest
Strawberry Chili Lager
Strawberry Fire Lager
Strawberry Kolsch-Style Lager
Strawberry Jasmine Kolsch-Style
Strawberry Tangerine Kolsch-Style
Sweet and Sour Mojito Kolsch-Style
Toasted Coconut Mocha
Watermelon Helles Shandy