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D-Swift Jams - Aug. 11th

Solo musician that solos and improvises over backing tracks

Lavender Juicebox - August 18th

A genre melding quintet with a mission to create a unique sound of funky electric sorcery over heavy hitting rhythms.

Lori Amey Duo - August 25th

Limitless Acoustic Rock.
Professionally performing and recording for nearly 15 years, and building an impressive body of recordings along the way (Nothing to Say, Resignation, Always, This Little Illusion), Lori has played small, intimate venues across the country, and has shared some of the biggest stages with the most celebrated artists of our generation, including Sarah McLachlan, Bonnie Raitt, Indigo Girls and Natalie Merchant, to name a few. With a rich, diverse palette, she takes her audience on a deeply personal, musical odyssey with each recording or live performance. The journey reveals the many facets of the artist - the bold, beautiful rock star, the folksy campfire storyteller, the soulful barroom balladeer, the totally relatable, accessible pop singer. As the listener, you’re completely submerged by the tapestry of thoughts and feelings, authentic and clearly drawn from real life, to the point that you're left wondering how anyone has the capacity to actually feel it all. Above all you're drawn to the voice, often sweet but strong, at once unbowed and then completely vulnerable - but at all times, totally captivating. Her widely assorted, constantly evolving musical style is reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan, her rich smoky tone similar to that of Paula Cole or Madeline Peyroux, her down-to-earth, disarmingly honest songwriting comparable to Natalie Merchant or Melissa Etheridge. Lori Amey is at once all of these artists but like no other - someone who completely defies categorization, marginalization, imitation or cliché.

Playing this Friday - August 3rd

Jennifer Rose - Solo

Jennifer Rose - Solo

Jennifer Rose - Solo

Jennifer Rose Band - August 4th

The Jennifer Rose Band is a Denver based band formed in August 2016. Our playlist is comprised of rock, southern rock, a bit of blues, and a dash of country.


Saint Patrick’s Brewing Company and Carrier Pigeon Music
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