The brewers at Saint Patrick’s Brewing Company are proud to announce the “Every Beer Project.”


“This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity and possibly a lifelong pursuit.” – Chris Phelps (Founder and Brewer)

Saint Patrick’s Brewing Company is setting out to brew two varieties of every know beer style ever created. We will look at the style guidelines of each beer or historical information and create one ale and one lager of every beer style using the same exact recipe, except for the yeast, time and temperature. The two brews will be released at the same time for comparison and contrast.

“We specialize in creating balanced and complex lager beers. Since our inception, people have asked me ‘how would that beer be different if it was an ale?’” – Chris Phelps

Well, now we can find out!

Every Beer Project

Every Beer Project

Beginning in 2016, we will kick off the “Every Beer Project” with our History of the India Pale Ale Series, which will explore where the I.P.A. came from, what the beer style is today, and where it is going next. For the I.P.A. series, we will be brewing a batch of the following India Pale Ales/Lagers:

  • British India Pale Ale
  • American India Pale Ale
    – East Coast I.P.A.
    – West Coast I.P.A.
  • Belgian India Pale Ale
  • Wet/Fresh Hop India Pale Ale
  • Imperial India Pale Ale
  • White I.P.A.
  • Red I.P.A.
  • Brett/Wild I.P.A.
  • Black I.P.A.
  • Rye I.P.A.
  • Saison I.P.A.
  • India Pale Lager
  • Double India Pale Lager

All of the I.P.A.’s will be released at the same time (collect them all!). You will be able to go back in time to 1829 and drink your way (responsibly) to the present day I.P.A’s and into the future with Saint Patrick’s Brewing Company India Pale Lagers.

After we have all had our fill of Lupulin Madness, phase two of the “Every Beer Project” will focus on the modern beer styles.

Phase three of the project will focus on historical and ancient beer styles. From Chicha to a 2,550 year old Celtic beer that was recently discovered, we will research, educated ourselves and brew them all for you to experience. Join us in the celebration of what beer is and what it can be!

“With the ‘Every Beer Project’ we will educate ourselves about all known beer styles and get the experience of brewing every style ever conceived.” – Chris Phelps


Beer Styles Poster

Beer Styles Poster