In the Beginning


"It all started at a small vineyard in Sonoma, California. A weird place to begin the history of a brewery, but that’s how we roll at Saint Patrick’s Brewing Company. We have always found our own unique path." Founder and head brewer, Chris Phelps developed his concepts and palate from drinking Sauvignon, Carignane, Pinot and Merlot.


The subtleties and depth of flavor Chris loved in is his favorite wines were not found in the craft beers (specifically lagers) readily available at the time. Saint Patrick's Brewing Company was born with a mission to re-invent what a lager beer can be while using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients. Our lager beers are deep, complex, flavorful and smooth!

You might be asking yourself, why a Colorado brewery that started out only brewing lager beers decided to call themselves Saint Patrick’s Brewing Company? The answer is simple: the combination of our Irish heritage and the best drinking holiday of the year – Saint Patrick’s Day! SLAINTE!


Our first tasting room was in Englewood, Colorado. It was a small space, hard to find and the only advertising we had was word-of-mouth. Open just two days a week, we consistently sold out of all of the beer we could brew on our 30 gallon system.

For the first three years, we only brewed bottle-conditioned lagers. Our cold fermented brews ranged from traditional styles like a Helles, to highly experimental beer such as our cold-fermented fruited Saisons, lagered Imperial Stouts and our Pumpkin Vanilla Chai Lager (we were the first brewery to make a Pumpkin Vanilla Chai beer).


In 2015, we expanded the party and moved to our Littleton, Colorado taproom with a beer garden right on the South Platte River. Saint Patrick’s Brewing Company quickly became the best craft beer garden experience in the Denver metro area. With a bigger taproom and more brewing capacity, we were able to add ales to our portfolio. In fact, we brewed more than 350 unique beers in four years.

Some of the favorite beer garden brews were:
- Peach Mango Blonde Ale
- Firemelon (Watermelon and fire-roasted chilis)
- Mojito Sour
- Lana’I Dry Hop Lager
- 317 Irish Red Lager
- Midnight Mocha
- Imperial Oak Oatmeal Stout


As 2019 rolled around and times changed in the craft beer industry, we sold our taproom so we could focus on production and wholesale of our delicious brews.


In 2020 Saint Patrick’s Brewing joined in a strategic alliance with Arthos US Inc, the US arm of the maker of the popular “Block Buster” and “Khajuraho” beer in India. In search of great beer, Arthos started the first brewery in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh in 1976 and since then has been setting the standard for high efficiency and low-cost production of high-quality beer.

In celebrating Saint Patrick’s Brewing Company’s eighth anniversary and the alliance with Arthos US, we are excited to introduce our updated logo and packaging.

“Our new logo is based on the Celtic Tree of Life. The Celtic Tree of Life symbolizes the forces of nature that come together in perfect harmony to maintain balance in the universe. We took that concept and create the ‘Celtic Tree of Beer.’ Our Celtic Tree of Beer shows all of the elements that come together in perfect harmony to brew the best beer: water, sun, grain, hops, brewer’s yeast and bees for pollination.”

The refreshed brand, developed by Chris himself, encompasses Saint Patrick’s creative yet high-quality approach to brewing. Chris designed a vibrant, modern and accessible brand with a thoughtful packaging strategy. The stunning result is a recognizable body of work that speaks to the identity of the company as a whole.




Chris loves his family, craft beer and playing golf with the other neighborhood dads. Chris holds a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration from CSU. After college he had a short stint as a professional golfer on the Golden State Tour until he suffered a career ending shoulder injury while snowboarding. Reinventing himself, Chris started a graphic design/branding company. After five successful years, Chris was bored of sitting at the computer and decided to challenge himself by standing in front of an easel. Chris painted large scale landscapes, cityscapes and eventually commissioned portraits. The life of a gallery artist was fun and exciting until the market crash of 2008. When his patrons no longer had expendable income to purchase art, Chris again hit the refresh button and found his true passion… craft brewing.


Mr. Sunkara is an entrepreneur carrying experience in multiple industries. He is a Director for Advansoft International and Usha Rama College of Engineering. He cofounded Best Brains Learning Centers which has over 150 locations worldwide. Mr. Sunkara is also a managing partner at multiple breweries, manufacturing and technology firms.

PREM SOMU – Director

Prem lives in Washington, DC, loves a great craft beer and good fellowship. He is always looking towards the next hike and a new beer to try. His friends would describe him as a beer and chicken guy. Beer for breakfast, bring-it-on! During the day he works as a Senior VP & Head of Investments in Risk Management for the 5th largest bank in the country. He holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from George Washington University and is a CFA charter holder.

KEVIN SHAW – Sales Director

Born and raised on the mean streets of the northwest Chicago suburbs where he cut his teeth at an early age deep into a hardcore passion for the Blues. Kevin Shaw launched the first of a thousand steps in his journey towards the pursuit of the ultimate vinyl record collection, a well-made taco, and a well-crafted ice-cold can of beer. And what a long strange trip it’s been! From the snowcapped peaks of the Rocky Mountains where Mr. Shaw attended Colorado State University, to navigating the Brigantine schooner “Varua” from the isle of Kauai to the port of Sitka, AK. Kevin found himself beer in hand, on the Texas Gulf Coast where he would graduate Aggie ’95. After hauling America’s backbone of iron ore across the Great Lakes, Kevin’s entrepreneurial spirit would lead him back home to the cool beer flowing streams of Colorado and America's purple mountain’s majesty.

Today, Kevin has found safe harbor with Saint Patrick's Brewing Company and will be using his business and life knowledge to bring Saint Patrick's Brewing Company beers to even more beer drinkers across America.